Basic SEO Requirements For Your Websites

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Basic SEO Requirements For Your Websites

If you’re just starting a new blog, niche website or website of any other kind, you need to follow some basic SEO rules to make sure that your site is welcomed by search engines and that they proudly display it higher up through the search categories.

First, understand what SEO is. Everyone keeps throwing around this three-letter acronym, but do they know what it entails? Let’s suppose you have a website on cars. Even the topic of cars is vast and it depends on what you cover under cars. It could be about car features, types of cars, branded cars, luxury cars, innovative car products and parts, future of cars – basically anything under the sun that involves cars. So you need to find a way to convey this to the search engines so they can do the same with people who are looking for information similar to what you provide on your website.


The first step is finding appropriate keywords. What are keywords? Whenever you “Google it”, you are basically using keywords that will assist the search engine to provide you with websites that meet with these keywords. So, the first thing that you need to do is find out which keywords are most popular and integrate them into your website. One of the best tools is Google Keywords, though there are others that are available as well.


There is that cliché that has been used to death, but is still as useful as ever: Content is King. But seriously, it is – all of your communication that you make on your website contains content. You can’t only have images and info graphics to explain what you want to convey. Make sure that no matter what you are trying to get across is conversational. People read in black and white all the time, so you need to have a voice jump out from the pages.


If you want to add images to your posts, they need to be flawless. And we’re not talking about Beyoncé’s booty. What we mean is that images need to be of a convenient size and CLEAR. No blurry ones. Google doesn’t even scan and display images of a blurry nature, so a high pixel rate is recommended. Also, make sure that you add appropriate descriptions and alt tags so that those looking for images through search engines will be able to find your site.

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