Organic Vs. Paid Traffic

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Organic Vs. Paid Traffic

No matter the size of your blog, one of the first things that you look for is to get traffic to your website. In fact, that’s the reason anyone has an online presence. But getting “traffic” to visit (and stay) on your website is not easy. At the moment, there are around 1 billion websites that cater to anything above, below and beyond the sun, including the sun itself!

First, before making comparisons between Organic Traffic Vs. Paid Traffic, we take a look at each of their definitions to understand concepts better:

Organic Traffic includes REAL people. When someone makes a search engine search, or types in your website in the search bar, or by their own will connects with your website, then that person, or people, can be considered as “Organic Traffic”. They are the real deal, the genuine visitors interested in your website and are valuable to the future of it.

On the other hand, Pay Per Click (PPC) customers are those that visit your website by clicking on advertisements that feature on search engines. You may have noticed that when you do a search, the first websites that pop up are segregated from the rest of the search results and are specifically paid by website owners through various methods like auctioning, buying, paying and other forms of transactions to get their websites more popular.

So, apart from the basic and most glaring differences between Organic and Paid Traffic – paid and non-paid traffic – what are the other differences and which is better?

There are many websites that opt for both. While organic is genuine customers, paid traffic gets the website to their goals faster. Ultimately, they want to get enough people to their websites so that other websites and brands begin paying them to advertise on their own pages.

Basically, Organic Traffic includes QUALITY. These are interested parties who like your website, want to visit and stay and may come back again, including inviting others to do the same. On the other hand, Paid Traffic is about getting QUANTITY over quality, so that your website jumps faster and higher on the popularity scale and will later appear more significantly on search engines.

For a better understanding on the two types of traffic, CLICK HERE.

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