Practices That Will Kill Your SEO Ranking

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Practices That Will Kill Your SEO Ranking

Let’s be real, SEO is annoying. Because there are over 1 billion websites now trying to steal the viewers’ attention, things have to get competitive. So now, if you ever have the chance to get your website to rank high on search engines, you NEED to follow certain rules and regulations, failing which you lose out. Even if you already have a huge web presence, you still need to adhere to the guidelines to maintain your prominent position.

Sure, you already know the rules and everything is rosy. However, there might be some practices that are actually hurting your SEO Ranking, instead of doing any good. Eliminating them will give a boost to your overall performance:


Are you internally and externally linking your articles yet? And when we say that, we don’t just mean linking it to a homepage or one page in general. Google analysis the number of visitors per page, so it is important that you internally link various pages to each other. This will increase the number of visitors on your overall site. Also, link other popular websites, so that they can create a Pingback onto your site and also because it will help with ranking.


We’ve said this before and say it again: Content IS King. In this murky world of the World Wide Web, it is difficult to find content that is authentic, relevant and updated – remember those three words the next time you work on any content on your website. A website that was updated, say one day ago is going to be ranked higher than a website that was last updated a month ago. Also, due to authenticity you don’t want to be putting on any rubbish as a visitor will not stay long on your website and this will affect other viewers from coming on and turning to loyal customers. Also, content should be conversational, interesting and entertaining, while getting some information across to readers.


Keywords play such an important role for website ranking. Why? Because when a person types in a word for a search engine, they are guided to websites that contain the same keywords. What you don’t want to do, however, is stuff keywords in like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Google has been there, done that and does not appreciate it one bit. Be liberal with the use of keywords, but use different variations of the same keyword and be genuine with the content.

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