Best SEO Strategies For A New Blog

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Best SEO Strategies For A New Blog

So, you’ve got a great new blog coming up, you’re super excited about getting across to the world some brilliant idea that you have come up with. Enthusiasm is the word of the day and you obviously are thinking about being unique and providing value and quality out to your viewers and fans of your page.

While all of this is great, there are certain “rules” that you would need to follow. Yes, like every other boring bit of everyday mundaneness, even online blogs and websites – small, medium or large – would need to follow these rules to make a mark anywhere in this big, murky World Wide Web.

Understand Your Audience

No matter what you’re trying to sell, from trinkets to trends, you need to make sure that you understand your market and whom you plan on catering to. Why? Only then can you put out the relevant content, images and advertising plans. For example, if you’re building a fashion website, you know that those who you want visiting and supporting your website are not going to be found on a geek blog. So, you will automatically make advertisement plans for displaying your website on other clothing or e-magazine sites, enticing prospective clients to visit.

Follow The Rules

Let’s be real – Google rules. There may be a number of search engines, but if you look at the slang: “Google it”, you can understand that people automatically go to the multi-colored search engine to find something out. Since Google know they rule the Internet, they have made their own set of rules that will do you good if you follow them. Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics before getting your website live. Hire a professional who is going to help you out so that you hit the ground running the moment you set up shop. Never compromise on SEO as it is truly important for the future success of your website. The worst that could ever happen to you is Google blacklisting your domain.

Keep Updating

Even if your blog is about a static topic like the World Wars or something as concrete as history, make sure that you keep your website updated. Upload posts, take advantage of social media, and add relevant news and topics. Come up with anything, so that when someone Googles something that is similar to what you create, your search will appear higher in the rankings as compared to someone who updated their post, say, a day prior to you with a topic in the same genre.

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