Is SEO A Myth? How Does It Work?

May 4, 2016 0 Comments SEO 306 Views
Is SEO A Myth? How Does It Work?

When any “expert” in the online biz talks, they will keep throwing around the word “SEO”. Search Engine Optimization has been around for a while now, and doesn’t look like it is going to go away for a while. In fact, there are many courses, diplomas, certifications and what-have-you about SEO. It’s THAT important for a website, new or old, big or small, and can actually make or break it.

One of the biggest myths and downright LIES that any self-proclaimed expert can talk about is that they can provide you with “better/higher Google rankings”. No one can say that, except for Google themselves. And they don’t say that – they just provide you with a long list of rules and regulations and you need to follow that or get away from the game and have your website obliterated from the Universe of the Web. Here are 5 Factors that could do well for your domain (as of 2015)

  • Optimize local landing pages and local listings with valuable information to add significant value and boost your local presence.
  • Results will become more heavily personalized for mobile. Fully optimize your website to avoid any penalization.
  • Brand mentions and citations will become as powerful as links. Act like a brand and be treated like a brand by Google.
  • Social signals as user experience factor. Search rankings will increasingly become more about building relationships and less about technical strategies.
  • Holistic inbound marketing approach. Aligns your company to create messaging that is ideal for your customer.

Basically, in order to make your website successful, you need to follow what any other product does – you need to have authenticity. Make sure that what you put up is correct and valid information, use relevant images and try getting the attention of bigger websites by linking their articles to your own. True, there is no one recipe for success, but you should know the basics and would be a fool to try too hard or not try at all.

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