Social Media And SEO

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Social Media And SEO

Thanks to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and every social media site in between, people and businesses have actually made their name and fame. Nothing is complete without any social media presence. This powerful tool can make or break the popularity of your website and bring customers from the far corners of the earth to your domain.

Anyone who is not in tune with social media and its pull on humanity needs to take one of the many certifications, diplomas and majors that institutes are offering by the dozen. Social media is here and is going to stay for a long time. So, it’s best to learn and benefit from it as much as you can. After all, it’s free advertising in a world where putting your product out there costs more than producing it in the first place.

However, is there any connection between social media and SEO? Another powerful tool for websites to make their mark on the World Wide Web is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that allows for a website to rank better under search engine results and also get the right customers directed to the page.

If you are a company, or personality, or whatever, with a large organic following (organic = NOT bought or fake followers) and people sharing your posts and talking about you, you know that Google is going to display your brand before someone who isn’t that hot right now. However, Google is smarter than the smartest online fraud, so once again, make sure your followers are authentic.

An important tool you can use is to add your content to social media posts through linking. Every company is doing this. The reason is that people are more active on social media and if they end up clicking on your post and link, they will visit your site and want to stay. You can even “Boost Post” so that what you are posting will reach a wider audience for a small fee. Using videos, images and links to entice is a customer is what you need to make them stay, get loyal and share your work with others.

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