SEO Tools That Do Your Work

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SEO Tools That Do Your Work

SEO has become a staple for any decent website to work and be displayed prominently on a search engine. However, once the volume on your website gets larger, or has multiple pages within one domain, you may not be able to keep a track of whether or not you are still meeting with the terms and conditions, rules and regulations that SEO requires. However, there are many useful tools, free and paid, that help you keep up with everything. You want to make use of them ASAP:

Google PageSpeed Insights

Since it starts with “Google” you need to get this tool ASAP. By inserting the URL you are looking to check, you will be provided with a checklist of whether you meet with SEO requirements or not. Also, they may advise about where you can make improvements and also applaud you for doing a good job.

Similar to Google Adwords’ Keyword tool, this one also helps you find matches to what you are looking for. If, say, you enter the word, “SEO” – it will give you similar words and their popularity, like SEO tools, SEO rules, etc. It is very useful for getting to know what genre your website fits into and how popular it is. You can implement these keywords in your site’s meta description, tags, within the content, etc.


Many have heard of the word “CopyScape” but few understand what it entails. The main job of CopyScape is to determine if content on your website is available anywhere else. Plagiarism is a big deal, and even though a lot of information is duplicated on the Internet, the important part is that it cannot be copy-pasted. So, if you have got any content from someone else’s website, you can either change it and make it original in some way, or you can mention prominently that it has been copied from another source. In case someone copies your information, you have the right to take action which can lead to that website getting blacklisted. CopyScape requires you to make payments per check, but it’s totally worth it to maintain authenticity.

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