DIY Tips For SEO That Don’t Require An Expert

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DIY Tips For SEO That Don’t Require An Expert

SEO may seem to be a something that can be achieved by rocket scientists, as it tends to be ambiguous and difficult to understand. There are thousands upon thousands of “experts” who claim that they can help you get better rankings; that borders on being fraudulent. While you will need an expert on a macro level to help you stabilize and set up your website, there are certain aspects that you can do yourself. Here are DIY Tips For SEO That Don’t Require An Expert:


You are the only one who understands fully what your website is about. You know the present and future and the trajectory that you are going to take to make things work out. Your website will have that link or thread that maintains a common theme throughout. This can help you build keywords. Using appropriate keyword tools, search for the most popular or most searched ones that are in the same word pool as the theme or genre of your website. This will help with attracting traffic that is interested in the theme your website covers.

Content Basics

Whether you’re new to the SEO game or have known it for eons, these basics need to be at the back of your hand. Stuff like keywords (as mentioned above), Headings, Sub-headings, images, tags, metatags, etc. all need to be used when working on the content side of things. Remember that even if you’re writing an essay, it has to cover a minimum of 300 words for the search engine to even pick it up. If you don’t follow these basics, even those who are interested in your work will not be able to find you.

Advertise Your Clients

You need testimonials to show your authenticity. If you have reliable and loyal clients, why not flaunt it? Also, customers who have used your services or who can put in a good word will work wonders. Also, make sure you add links to their sites so that helps with traffic flow as well. You want to be as open and as transparent about your work as possible, and the best way to do so is through advertising your work and putting it out there.

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